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Is Oracle Fusion Talent Management what Talent Management should be?

According to business dictionary, Talent Management is an organization’s attempts to recruit, keep, and train the most gifted and highest quality staff members that they can find, afford and hire. Talent management gives business managers an especially important role to play in recruiting, developing and retaining desirable staff members. Even though this is a clear definition of what Talent Management entails, when this is translated to an IT solution, the definition can sometimes be lost in translation.
Recently, I was able to follow the Oracle Fusion Applications HCM Talent Management Implementation training. This training gave an overview on how to implement, configure and use Oracle Fusion Talent Management. Therefore, I will give a high level overview of what Fusion Applications Talent Management entails and if this in accordance to the Talent Management definition.

Oracle Fusion Talent Management

Oracle Fusion Talent Management is in short a robust set of modules covering workforce development, workforce rewards and workforce analytics.

Goal Management Module

Goal management enables the setting and tracking of goals across various levels of the organization, therefore supporting an ongoing performance conversation throughout the year. The organization, managers and workers are able to collaborate to set goals.  In short, an employee and the organization  is able to set performance, development and personal goals.

The performance goals integrate with the performance management module. The personal and development goals, supports the development plans for employees to track their personal growth and career development.

Goal management


Performance Management Module

Performance management enables the setting and a point in time evaluation of worker performance.  In short, the performance process can be walked through by employees and managers via this module with an easy to use user experience.

Performance Management

Through the use of embedded intelligence, the manager and HR administrator are able to monitor and manage the process, en are able to take action when needed.

Performance Management analytics

Talent Review Module

With the use of an interactive dashboard, the normal labor intensive talent review board preparation and discussion can be automated. The people invited to participate in the meeting can review and evaluate existing profile, performance  goals and compensation data for individuals within the organization and calibrate the data before and during the talent review meeting.  In short, with it is easy to identify and assess top talent, take action, therefore ensuring the best talent is recognized and all talent is fairly assessed.

Talent Review

Network at work

Oracle Fusion Network at Work provides an industry leading collaborative framework that allows workers to build their own internal social network and connect with other domain experts and colleagues with similar interests. With regard to talent management, network at work helps employees in getting public recognition by advertising their skill sets and experience to build a positive image and seek better opportunities, and it also allows managers to better understand their workforce and source skills to the right jobs.


Workforce Directory Management

Oracle Fusion Workforce Directory Management’s graphical organizational chart provides an integrated view of all information related to an employee with an extremely user friendly interface. A powerful keyword search provides access to a 360 degree view of the employee and provides both personal (name, address, contact details etc) and professional details (supervisor, department, role, competency etc). The workfoce directory management provided you with the connectors needed to synchronize the core HCM system with Fusion Talent Management Applications.

workforce directory management


In short, these five modules consist of the Fusion Application talent management module, which is mainly focussed on the keeping of the most gifted  highest quality staff members.

The strongpoint of these modules are:

  • The role centric user experience with enterprise 2.0 functionality to access information, collaborate better and enhance productivity.
  • The role centric HR analytics integration, therefore the employee, manager or HR professional is properly equipped with the correct information at the right time.
  • The ability to configure the modules, which are upgrade safe and easy adaptable. Therefore expensive customizations are a thing of the past.
  • The talent management process has new innovations as Fusion talent Review and Fusion network at work.
  • Built in ability to co-exist with Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.
  • Multiple deployment modles with SaaS, hosted and on-premise deployment options.

When looking at the description of Talent management,  Fusion Talent Management is mostly aimed at the keeping of the most gifted  highest quality staff members, with the use of goal management and performance management. The innovation which are welcomed additions to the package it the Network at work module and the Talent Review module.

However, when reviewing the definition of talent management – ‘According to  business dictionary, Talent Management is an organization”s attempts to recruit, keep, and train the most gifted and highest quality staff members that they can find, afford and hire.’ – the Oracle Fusion Talent Management does not support the recruiting and training of talents.

With the recent purchase of Taleo, the Talent Management definition can be completed, where Oracle Taleo recruiting cloud services is focused on recruiting and Oracle Taleo Learn cloud services is focused on training the most gisted and highest quality staff members.

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