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Not too long ago Oracle released Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE – and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA – on version 11g. As you might know, OBIA is basicly an addition to the OBIEE where you get an out of the box data warehouse for one of Oracle’s applications or their biggest competitor, SAP.

When you start installing the software, you will begin with OBIEE and as you can read from the documentation, you get three options:

  • Simple install
  • Enterprise install
  • Software only install

Most people will, in an organisational setting, never choose to do a simple install since that is only useful if the default settings are good enough. And to be quite honest, it never is.

Leaves two more options. Let’s break them down into their differences;

  • Enterprise install requires you to upgrade Weblogic from version 10.3.5 to 10.3.6 when you are completely done installing, patching and configuring
  • Software only install requires you to install Weblogic 10.3.6 prior to the installation of OBIEE

There, that’s it, all the differences between the two installations. Question is, why would you choose the one or the other option? My own logic would make me choose the Software Only install just so I wouldn’t have to upgrade Weblogic when I’m suppose to be done with the installation. That said, you better not pick the Software Only install at this moment. The reason is that the mandatory patches you need to install at the end, make Weblogic 10.3.6 become instable and basically ruin your whole installation.

I found out the hard way. Why doesn’t Oracle communicate that then is the next question, and rightfully so, but it’s quite simple: Oracle is still releasing newer versions of the documentation around and about each month. They seem to be busy getting their software straight to get it to work with each other instead of doing a panic adaptation on their manuals.

Don’t forget, OBIEE and OBIA went from 7.9 to 11g and lost it’s dependency on Informatica Powercenter as a third party tool in favor of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). Oracle made quite a leap forward with business intelligence and it’s looking good.

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  • Hi John,
    Thanks for this valiable post.
    I am ingterested in using BI Publisher and asking myself if installing OBEE also is necessary ?



  • I have E Businesss suite 12.2.2 and OBIEE 11g .I have to used

    Informatica Power center to fetch the data from EBS 12.2.2 and OBIEE 11g

    1. Can I use the Iformatica Powercenter version 9.5.1 HotFix 2
    2. Is this versio comaptible with EBS 12.2.2 and OBIEE 11g
    3. Is this version certified in Oracle Sparc Solaris 11
    4. Can I get this from ,Under OBIEE and Oracle Solairs

    sparc on 64 bit -> Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Media Pack for Oracle

    Solaris on Sun Solaris SPARC (64-bit)

  • I have Informatica 9.1. We are moving for EBS 12.2 from EBS 12.1.3 so can we use SDE_ORAR1213_Adapter of Informatica for mappings.

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