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Oracle Applications and BI

With the introduction of Fusion Applications a while back now, Business Intelligence has been pushed into the applications stream by Oracle. The wow factor for most of the Fusion Applications package comes with the ability to do a lot of analysing. The question is, did Oracle pull a rabbit out of its hat or was this a lingering ability by the company that has never been in sight of the group of Oracle Applications users?

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Is Oracle Fusion Talent Management what Talent Management should be?

According to business dictionary, Talent Management is an organization’s attempts to recruit, keep, and train the most gifted and highest quality staff members that they can find, afford and hire. Talent management gives business managers an especially important role to play in recruiting, developing and retaining desirable staff members. Even though this is a clear definition of what Talent Management entails, when this is translated to an IT solution, the definition can sometimes be lost in translation.
Recently, I was able to follow the Oracle Fusion Applications HCM Talent Management Implementation training. This training gave an overview on how to implement, configure and use Oracle Fusion Talent Management. Therefore, I will give a high level overview of what Fusion Applications Talent Management entails and if this in accordance to the Talent Management definition.

Oracle Fusion Talent Management

Oracle Fusion Talent Management is in short a robust set of modules covering workforce development, workforce rewards and workforce analytics.

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HR HelpDesk Quick Codes versus Quick Keys

Recently I posted a blog Making an HR Helpdesk Call Center Agents life easier with the use of text trays and received the following questions: What is the difference between quick codes and quick keys?


Text Tray Quick Keys

With text trays, an HR HelpDesk Call Center agent is enabled to enter text in the problem field or the note details field of a case without entering repetitive data with the use of text tray quick keys. When an agent selects a quickkey, then the related quickkey text appears.